A Security-minded Messaging App

Message anyone privately and securely—with wingman.

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Keep your messages, contacts, and conversations secure.

When security is a concern, you shouldn’t have to rely on your phone’s features alone. Add a level of protection beyond your phone’s passcode, fingerprint, or facial recognition features.

Keep your messages, images, & files secure & private. Lock, delay, & retrieve messages.


Secure all of your contacts


Lock & password protect messages, media, or groups

Create residual income through the private vault.

Safely store videos, photos, attachments, and more in the optional private SSL secured vault for only $6.99 a month.

Looking to make some extra cash? Invite your friends, followers, and colleagues to use the private vault! Make residual income for every active vault subscriber referred.

Prevent yourself from sending embarrassing messages.

Have you ever sent a message to the wrong person? Or one with an inappropriate auto-correct error? With wingman, you can kill those messages before they send.

Don’t limit yourself to text messages only.

Sometimes it’s better to send a photo or video. Sending secure files and multi-media messages has never been easier. Wingman gives you the confidence you need to push ‘Send’. Tag, sort, & organize your top secret content. We’re your Wingman.